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Spring 2021 Inspiration

Spring 2021 comes after a year of ups and downs and amidst the promise of a better trip around the sun. Designed in lockdown, this season’s collection is a product of daydreaming future adventures and appreciating the beautiful, little things in life.

Our driving inspiration for the season emerged as images of still relics, brisk mornings watching the sunrise, romanticized reads, and storylines of adventure. Ideas of transporting to a far-off land, combined with a dressed-up version of what has become the monotonous daily routine.

Combining these two concepts we found a happy medium – looks for you to wear to plan your next adventure or to elevate your daily wardrobe. We worked to provide KAL RIEMAN looks that would fit into your life at this moment, adapting with you and this ever-changing world.

Focusing in on comfort, but staying true to our classic looks, was important to us. We found new fabrics such as our French Terry, developed new looks in our Linen Knit, and brought back staple fabrics that have proven time and time again to be your favorites.

Inspired by the constant nature around us, the season’s color palette focused on a range of blues and natural tones.

Our silhouettes for the season are fluid and functional, less structured and more practical. The light weight denim provides a clean look with softness and ease. Our pre-washed stripe gauze has a barefoot and fancy free feeling, in styles you can kick around in all summer long. We add a little more shirring, slightly more volume in our tops this season to keep that comfortable feeling going strong.

We hope this collection brings you constant go-to’s in this time of uncertainty, as well as a wardrobe that prepares you for the many joyous adventures that lie ahead.