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We take great care in selecting each fabric for our collection. Our goal is to provide the best quality for our customers and to use vendors that represent the same values we hold dear. For our Summer Suit, we chose a tropical wool from Italian mill, Lanificio Bottoli. Why wool for the heat of summer? We are happy to expose the myth that wool is meant for winter, and to introduce you to one of our favorite suppliers.

The Science Behind It

The finest wools can achieve thermal insulation power that stops heat exchange, leaving you cool even on warm days. Made with ultra fine yarn construction, the wool absorbs and evaporates moisture to create a lightweight and breathable material. Alongside providing temperature effective comfort, the fabric is soft and feminine without losing its structure or shape. Ideal for the Kal Rieman woman on the go, its flat finish and subtle elasticity resists wrinkles. Providing feminine ease and streamlined structure, the wool suit styles in our Summer 2018 Collection illustrate the graceful marriage of paradoxes.

The Heart Within It

Bottoli is not only the manufacturer of our summer fabric, the creators represent a shift back to unique craftsmanship in the industry. They engineer a material that is both innovative and authentic. Founded in 1861 and kept in the family for four generations, Bottoli itself represents a timeless love story dedicated to its craft. Combined with the nostalgic, yet modern designs in our Summer 2018 collection, the woman beneath the wool represents one who is confident in who she is and all she wishes to become. Bottoli wool nods to romanticism through their story and progress through their attention to innovation, making it a special accomplice in our summer collection.

This is fabric as a narrative; the woman wearing becomes a part of the story, while she’s out writing her own.