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Fabrics for a Sustainable Future

Picchi textiles and KAL RIEMAN share the same passion and love for fabrics, fashion, and the environment. In operation for more than 70 years, and now a third generation, family-owned business, Picchi has mastered the art of the detail and has become well-known for their ability to anticipate the needs of the fashion industry.

Picchi’s Be Eco brand has been created to mark a range of products with precise, sustainable characteristics. These fabrics now make up nearly 60% of Picchi’s production.

There are strict requirements to meet the Be Eco standard. The fabrics must be entirely produced in Italy to ensure they are created by the most skilled manufacturers, using the most advanced technology, while adhering to the toughest global standards for chemical regulation. At least 50% of the Be Eco raw materials are made with recycled fibers. Picchi’s production process, designed with particular attention to reducing energy use and CO2 emissions, and recycling and decreasing water waste, reinforces the company’s commitment to our planet.

For KAL RIEMAN’s Spring 2020 Car Coat and Cap Sleeve Cardigan, we selected Picchi Be Eco cotton blend in a light plaid with soft pink and rich blues. These statement pieces elevate even the simplest outfits into something special.