Our collection’s first cashmere sweater has made a global journey spanning four continents. We’re proud to share the sustainably sourced, traditionally spun, and lovingly crafted result.

Founded in 1867, Scottish cashmere yarn spinners Todd & Duncan work with nomadic farmers in the Gobi Desert selected for their sustainable herding and grazing practices, and high standards of animal welfare. The softest raw fiber is collected from the white, downy undercoats of their goats. After it arrives at the mill on the banks of Loch Leven, a meticulous combination of time-tested traditional and modern methods is used to produce the world's finest, heirloom quality yarn. 

To make our sweaters, we partnered with Angele.H International in Madagascar. The organization founded by Angele Homawoo provides women artisans with secure employment, health and retirement benefits, and development programs in exchange for their work. We support their mission to help local women live healthy, stable lives.

Arriving in our US studio, the simple silhouette of our funnel neck design emphasizes the knit's graceful drape, available in natural tones of grey, beige and black. To maintain it as a wardrobe staple for years to come, gently hand wash your cashmere and lay flat to dry.

Delivered to you with love.