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Fall 2019 Inspiration

Every collection I design is personal. This fall collection aims to share a memory with you, spanning the decades of my life. The fabric patterns evoke treasured garments from the past... those cigarette pants your mom wore, that shirt you stole from your father’s closet, your grandfather’s cardigan, that vintage shop tweed jacket you adored for years. 

From the 70s, the foundation of my parents. The presence of a great mother... I was born in 1970, the youngest of 5 children. With her hands full, my mom pursued her role with grace and dignity. Our house was filled with wood paneled walls, and simple mid-century furniture with off-colored upholstery and gold-plated light fixtures. The presence of a great father... My father was born in 1929. He was a machinist. He worked with his hands. He taught me how to fix things.

From the 80s, inspiration from rock stars. I often get asked the question, “who do you dress?” My answer: I dress a bunch of Rock Stars. From Daughters to Mothers to Aunts to Grandmothers, From Professionals to Philanthropists to Advocates for Animal Welfare, From Teachers to Lawyers to Interior Designers. You have replaced the musical idols of my youth. I am your biggest fan. 

From the 90s, making it in a man's world. I got a job in the finance industry, dyed my hair from blond to brown, donned the pant suits, played the role (and couldn't wait for the weekend!). As a freshly minted grownup, I explored new tastes, traveled, indulged my inner alternative rebel with artistic experiments. It was a decade of invention.

To the present, celebrating femininity in all its charm, force, and wonder. This collection feels like something you’ve worn before, but now grown into what it always aspired to be with the wisdom of time. Past meets present as palette and patterns come together in styles that are effortlessly chic. Color stories of rich navy, bordeaux, and camel are expressed in naturally elegant knits, cashmere, and silk, and ultra modern cotton modal. Fabrics in timeless Donegal tweed, classic stripes, and artistic prints are at once familiar and fresh.

All of the deep connections and passing acquaintances, ups and downs, adventures and moments, have made us who we are and prepared us for what's next. This collection represents the nostalgia of years past brought forward to the women we are today.  

Ready to be you.