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Fall 2020 Inspiration

Fall 2020 comes at a time of change, driven by a unique freedom born of confinement. There is a sense of uncertainty entangled with clarity. New ways of life, old matters of the heart. A timeframe reminiscent of one half a century ago.

Through this collection we reflected on the 70s, focusing on the air of natural beauty and the freedom of expression. Beauty is in the small things -- a laugh with loved ones, the routine of a morning commute, the soft glow of a sunset, and apartment interiors lit at dusk. Freedom is in the idea of making a difference and moving forward.

The fabrics and silhouettes for this season were inspired by the liberation and newfound comfort that came with fluid bohemian looks of the 70s. The fabrics mix classics with comfort -- soft cashmere and herringbone knits with suiting and felted jersey. Varying textures explore the idea of contrast and cohesion throughout the collection.

Fall 2020 consists of thoughtful garments made for time at home, or for the happenings of the world. Wherever you are during this time, this collection is made of pieces that are adaptable, comfortable, and empowering additions to your wardrobe.

View the Fall 2020 Collection Lookbook.